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Libbs Lake & Me

My name is Annabelle Koethe and I am a resident in the Minnetonka area of Minnesota. I am the creator of Libbs Lake Apparel, a company I created that my friends, family, and neighbors can sport to bring our small community together. Libbs Lake is a small no-wake lake which flows into Lake Minnetonka. Please review the message below for more details about my brand:

P.s. For this 2023 summer, be sure to stay tuned for new product drops and new bays being added to your favorite lake, Lake Minnetonka. Please feel free to reach out for any requests as well for a bay that you may not see listed. 

    I now offer CUSTOM apparel for your cabin or lake home! 

    Email me to create yours for a special place of your own such as a cabin or a specific small bay you may not see offered already. 


    (or non-apparel items)

    I can put your logo on any apparel or non-apparel items. This is useful for creating uniform for employees, marketing purposes, or events hosted by your business. But if you would just like some swag to represent, that's great too. (:

    Message me for further details and/or to receive a quote. 

    Lastly, don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with updates, new merch, and more @libbslakeapparel!

    This is me wearing a white Lake Minnetonka Hoodie